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Incon Lighting is a premier LED lighting fixture manufacturing company. Since 1982, Incon has been manufacturing energy efficient luminaires. We do not think you should be mired by selection and be sure to check out our wide selection of LED light fixtures that we manufacture! They are used in home and commercial settings. They’re a great money-saving option since they use a lot less energy to operate than incandescent light bulbs. All our LED Luminaires are back by an iron-clad 5 year warranty. Please contact us if you have any questions or need any product customized.

  • 119 LED

    Pioneer Series

    SKU: 119-LED

    119 LED

  • 216

    Bethany Series

    SKU: 216


  • basic round ceiling drum

    Pioneer Series

    SKU: 114 Series


  • 111

    Pioneer Series

    SKU: 111